���%��B���� {h=ZD����D"�7n-�#}��>P�œI�J�t�g�6���K�{%7��l�X��}�K/��s��6'l�(M�׮��>��\�[���W���W��d�"FV��r*u��K�0�Rr+�FJ�(�|��* �v�7��N�`{�~ܐGp��W�g�dP>d0� b�C `��I|W��&n|��8٩�K�Uc�m,r^f���H���jL4��[����E�qY��D�Qc=�v:��-=8�OcS�(�(8�rI�1i|i��ܲ��x;+?N. For super-smooth panels use our Savannah as a leveling coat. F.S.34096 Flat Extra Dark Sea Grey 4312AP - Royal Navy. RC004Flat White RAL 9003 (Modern RAL 840 HR) C62 / H11 XF-2 71.001 - 34 1768 / 4769 LC01. Spray and Desert Sand textures feature Silky Smooth (SS) technology with an extra creamy consistency and excellent color retention. Here is our Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM) Color/Hobby Paint Table to help find the right colors for your next projects. Free shipping on qualified orders over $60.00! Our specialty Roller-flex coating is used for color changes and highlighting small areas of the building and carries the same Master Wall warranty as the system. Aggrelime is available in standard or custom colors and Aggrelime may be applied over Master Wall® Base Coats or stuccos or interior surfaces. 0000002650 00000 n Over the years, we have built one of Asia’s largest paint manufacturer network through our offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Maldives, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Dubai and China. All these model paint comparison and conversion charts use Humbrol paints as the benchmark, so if you want to convert from Heller to Vallejo then you'll have to go via Humbrol. Light Reflectance Values for standard colors here. 0000006950 00000 n - 50495 Acrylic Airbrush Cleaner 4 oz. Formed in 1975, the foremost objective of the company was to introduce modern paint technology in … MegaHobby.com stocks the complete Model Master Acrylic and Enamel Paint for Plastic Model Kits. most have been taken from information provided by actual manufacturers but we can accept no responsibility for inaccurate information as we have just compiled this list from many sources and have not checked all colour variances ourselves. CIFS® Wood Grain is the choice when your design vocabulary includes wood-look materials. The coatings can also be used in interior applications. Looks like wood, performs like EIFS with Continuous Insulation. It is arguably the best hobby paint formula in the world for performance. The colors shown are flat patterns and all colors are approximate. It is the best hobby paint formula in the world for performance. Founded in the late 50s, the Seamaster Paint Holdings has grown to be a leading paint manufacturer in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Aggre-stone Finishes are available in five-gallon (19L) pails and can be custom colored for specific needs. This is the core modelers brand of choice, offering the most complete system of modern and historical paint colors and accessories available today. 0000024107 00000 n © 2020 ModelShade. Our Wickes paint range allows you to bring out your personality through your paint choices. These are for tinting ReCote™ only and colors are approximate. Some people like to set a consistent mood throughout the house using multiple shades of one colour. Our Clearshield adds depth, sheen and additional protection. Please contact your local distributor if you need anything special. View All of Our Brown Colors. The Complete Limited Palette Color Charts. RC003White Grey RAL 9002 (Modern RAL 840 HR) - - 71.119 - - - -. Now the consumers don’t hesitate to accept Master Paints as the full value of money. It’s the options. 0000031491 00000 n It features dirt pickup resistant (DPR) for durability and can achieve a variety of looks depending upon finishing techniques. €9.40 ou 6100 pts. The following paragraphs describe in detail of how to find the car paint color code for your vehicles. Based in the North-West, Paintmaster is one of the largest independent suppliers of paint in the UK. WizKids Miniatures. All our finishes feature DPR (Dirt Pickup Resistant) polymers and the regional choice of either marble or quartz aggregates. We also offer Superior Stone, Aggre-stone and Lumia, with sparkling mica accents. 0000001076 00000 n Even the auto paint experts use the auto paint colors chart to find the paint color code. What makes a Superior Finish? 0000001286 00000 n Integrally infused MetalTex looks like a metallic finish but applies easily and looks great. Paint Conversion Charts: Ever effort has been made to make sure these conversions are accurate. This website has model paint conversation charts for paints from different model hobby paints manufacturers for … RC001Flat Black RAL 9005 (Modern RAL 840 HR) C33 / H12 XF-1 71.057 HTK-_100 33 1749 / 4768 LC02. Italeri acrylics use the same part numbers as the Testors ModelMaster Acryl range and can be cross-referenced on The Ultimate Model Paint Conversion Chart. Recreate the look of beautiful Cantera Stone with LaCantera. Quality, reliability and great attention to the working environment: odourless and non-toxic. Quality Paints for Home, Office & Industry. Sunflower 533 TintIT.™ sheer color delivers the Versatility Factor with color options. Travertine finish recreates an intricate look of a plastered wall surface with the mottled hues of natural travertine limestone. 0000201716 00000 n Beautiful ReCote™ has a long history of being used over brick buildings but can be used to beautify other masonry and concrete surfaces as well. 0000115722 00000 n There are basically two methods in determining the color of your vehicles. Superior Elastomeric Plus Finishes – Bridges hairline cracking in stucco, Silicone Coat Additive – Enhances water resistance, Excel Mildew Enhancement – Mildew booster, MetalTex – Integrally Infused Metallic Finish, Savannah – Interior/Exterior Venetian Plaster Type Finish, Travertine – Recreates the look of Travertine Limestone, ReCote ™ – Brick and Tilt-up Textured Coating, CIFS® Brick – Genuine Looking Brick with Continuous Insulation, CIFS® Wood Grain CI – Faux Wood Finish System with Continuous Insulation, Brick Finish System – Brick & Stone Finish System. 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