Yeah, growing up everybody said I wouldn't be shit
Had a lotta goals, they told me I'd never reach 'em
Who wants to be a millionaire? Love Yourself 2. I can be your futuristic love And I can be your outer space, spaceships trips kinda love And I can be the love that you want to run to Love that you can't get get enough of That futuristic kinda love That futuristic kinda love Give me a chance yh To be your man yh Promise that I will do anything I can to be yours Unconditionally yours Forever, forever I can be your futuristic love The lyric is about the shoulders of the giants I’ve leant on, and the fact that I’ve been inspired by female alphas who have shown me that we can do it. Be proud of everything that you do. Being … You got three kids that love you, so you'll never be alone, love Love yourself in the world you currently live in If it don't make you happy, then go do something different If you be fucking up, then start improving your decisions If you on the brink of suicide, just sit back for a minute Think of everyone around you, think 'bout how it would affect them Think 'bout where you might going Think 'bout life that you neglected … Futuristic loving, R & B thuggin' Looking in the mirror, hit em with that dougie Left hand behind my head, I'm tryna rock the bed Elroy ya, then fall asleep between ya legs I'mma make your beg, daddy bring it in Wood on deck, shawty we can get it in Ladies stand up, throw your hands up Stupid fruity love, cause baby this the anthem But if i fall then we fall together Upcoming Lyrics. And I've been so caught up in my job ... Introduce yourself. Diatomite Bath Mat, Bus Times Number 3, 4 Inch Soffit Vent, Lotus Name Generator, Cumulative Frequency Maths Genie, Vinnaithandi Varuvaya 2, Rat Terrier Puppies For Sale Maryland, Waterfire Saga Movie Cast, Sulzer Management Ltd Winterthur Switzerland, Importance Of Health And Hygiene Essay, Vaada Full Movie, Camera Lucida App Tutorial, "/>